Contact information

Jonathan Eisen
Mailing address:
UC Davis Genome Center
451 East Health Sciences Drive
Davis, CA 95616-8816

Phone 530-752-3498
Email: jaeisen AT ucdavis dot edu

One thought on “Contact information

  1. Dear Dr Jonathan
    With regards, I wish to inform you that I had completed my doctoral thesis in the field of microbiology. The major objectives of my doctoral work were application of metagenomic approach to study the structure and function of microbial communities and bio-prospection of novel genes encoding industrially important enzymes from an Indian coal bed. Briefly, I had identified and characterized a novel phosphodiesterase and some interesting microorganisms from an Indian coal bed. All of our research findings are published in peer reviewed journals. I am interested to join your group because I find my research interest similar to yours.

    Presently, I am working as a research associate in a limited tenure project (I am available for the new position immediately). Now, I am seeking for a position in an interactive group which can provide me an opportunity to perform interdisciplinary research as a team member. My research experience and experimental skills of microbiology, anaerobic microbiology, metagenomics, cloning, sequencing of genes & metagenome, over expression, purification and characterization of proteins etc. makes me a suitable candidate for a postdoctoral position in your group.

    Looking forward to hear you soon

    Durgesh N Singh, PhD


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