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mSystems – A New Journal

See mSystems for more information. See here for system used to make the crawl. ——– This is from the “Tree of Life Blog” of Jonathan Eisen, an evolutionary biologist and Open Access advocate at the University of California, Davis. For … Continue reading

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Improving Ability to Identify Possible Conflicts of Interest of Scholars 1: Adding a Disclosure Field to ORCID

Real and perceived conflicts of interest are a critically important topic in scholarly activities that I believe has not received enough attention from the scientific community.  Right now, disclosures of possible conflicts of interest are handled incredibly very unevenly and … Continue reading

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Talk for UC Davis Pre-Health Meeting (#UCDPHSA): Opening up to Diversity

Sunday I gave a talk at the “12th National UC Davis Pre-Health Student Alliance Pre-Medical and Pre-Health Professions Conference“.  I normally try to not give talks on weekends (to spend time with my family) but I made an exception here … Continue reading

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NIH Announces Revised Genome Data Release Policies

Just got notified of this by the UC Davis Med. School grants administration: NOT-OD-14-124: NIH Genomic Data Sharing Policy.  Lots of interesting things in here including a summary of the comments that they received on the draft policy. I have copied … Continue reading

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It may have been a flawed #OpenAccess "Sting" but WE ROCKED IT so submit to our journal …

I suppose I knew this was coming … but did not expect it so soon … see the email I received below.  Focus in particular on the part highlighted in yellow ….  Dear Colleague,  British Biotechnology Journal (BBJ) is an … Continue reading

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Institutional repository success story: Master’s on "War Eagles" contributes to amazing ring recovery story

Image from NPR. So I just heard this amazing story on NPR. “Journey Of The Ring: Lost In WWII, Now Back With POW’s Son.”  In summary – a US Military member David Cox was taken as a POW in World … Continue reading

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Postdoc position in innovating scholarly communication at #UCDavis w/ me, Mario Biagioli & Mackenzie Smith

7/26/13 Postdoc Position in Innovating Scholarly Communication A new UC Davis initiative on “Innovating the Communication of Scholarship” is hiring a 3-year postdoctoral fellow, starting September 1, 2013. This is a cross-disciplinary project to study the future of academic publishing, … Continue reading

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I am highly skeptical of the CHORUS system proposed by scientific publishers as an end run around PubMed Central

Just read this news story … Scientific Publishers Offer Solution to White House’s Public Access Mandate – ScienceInsider It reports on an effort by various scientific publishers to create something they call “CHORUS” which stands for “Clearinghouse for the Open Research … Continue reading

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Quick post – Nature Publishing Group buys into #OpenAccess publisher Frontiers

In case you have not hear – Nature Publishing Group continues to play around with open publishing and other open science initiatives (when they switch some of their big journals to fully OpenAccess I will stop referring to it as … Continue reading

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A day to think, to pause, to ponder

Today is not an easy day for me. I pause today to think about a person in my life.  A person who was dedicated to science and discovery and improving the human condition.  A person who was idealistic and sensitive … Continue reading

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