2 thoughts on “Jenna Morgan Lang

  1. Hi

    I have had some email communication with Jonathan and he said he was cc you on the email but I don’t think he did and now I can never get in touch with him. Could you email me please and I will forward you the email in question? thanks

    Sally Irwin sirwin@hawaii.edu


  2. Hello,
    I am kumar, pursiung my PhD in environmental engineering, in Israel.
    I have been working on atrazine biological degradation under non growth condition. I have collected DNA sample on my biological system and 200 base pair length (V4 region) of genomic r RNA was sequenced by using llumina myseq. I have uploaded theses FASTQ file in MGRAST pipeline and I got some r RNA phylogenetic hits. But I would like to know the process by kegg map,
    When I have searched for protein data base I did not get any similar proteins.
    Q)1. Is it possible to do kegg map on genomic rRNA result?
    Q)2. How many base pair length is required to do kegg map?
    Q)3. Is it possible to understand consortium by kegg map? ( in my phylogenetic analysis I have found 6 different types of bacterial species)

    waiting for your mail.
    many thanks,


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