John Zhang

John Q. Zhang, Ph.D.
Staff Research Associate
UC Davis Genome Center

Research Interest   

Molecular and Cellular Biology                                                              
Next Generation DNA Sequencing


    Ph.D., (Cell Biology), Peking Union Medical College, Beijing, China, 1988

    Bachelor, Shangdong University, Jinan, China, 1979 – 1983


    Outstanding record in genomic DNA library construction for next generation

    DNA sequencing (Illuminar, Roche 454)       
    Outstanding record in in situ hybridization for SIV gene expression analyses    
    Provide support in molecular biological technical area                                  
    Completed the physical map of chicken fast myosin heavy chain gene cluster.
    Submission to Genbank of 4 full length (~6kb each) chicken fast myosin heavy chain
    gene cDNA sequences (Original work). Genbank Accession: Cemb2 cDNA: AF272033, Cemb3 cDNA: AF272034, CN101 cDNA: AY116217, CN127 cDNA: AY116218


    Staff Research Associate, Genome Center, UC Davis,  July 2011- Present

    Staff Research Associate, Center for Comparative Medicine, UC Davis, 2004 – June 2011
    Staff Research Associate, laboratory Manger/Supervisor, Food Science & Technology,
    UC Davis, 1994 – 2004
    Staff Research Associate, Section of Molecular & Cellular Biology, Division of
    Biological Sciences, UC Davis, 1992 – 1993              
    Post Doctoral Training, Department of Genetics, University of California at Davis,

    Special Skills  

    Well versed in Cell Biology and Molecular Biology

    Expertise in PCR, DNA cloning, library construction, cell culture
    Many years of experience in lab management and supervision
    Skilled in experimental design and troubleshooting


    Zhang Q; Reddy PM; Yu CY; Bastiani C; Higgs D; Stamatoyannopoulos
    G; Papayannopoulou T; Shen CK. Transcriptional activation of human z2 globin
    promoter by the a globin regulatory element (HS-40): functional role
    of specific nuclear factor-DNA complexes. Mol. Cell. Biol., 1993, 13(4):2298-308

    Zhang Q; Rombel I; Reddy GN; Gang JB; Shen CK. Functional roles of in vivo footprinted DNA motifs within an alpha-globin enhancer. Erythroid  lineage and developmental stage specificities. J. Biol. Chem., 1995, 270(15):8501-5

    Zhang, Q; Reddy, S; Shen, C K J. Enhancer-Promoter Interaction and Transcriptional Activation of z Globin Gene in Embryonic Erythroid Cells.  FASEB Journal, v.7, n.7, 1993: A1218

    Zhang, Q; Xue, S-F. Studies on the cell phenotype characteristics of hybrid cells crossed between rat nucleated erythroblasts and mouse plasmacytoma (SP2/O) cell line. Science in China,  Series B Chemistry Life Sciences & Earth Sciences, v.33, n.5, (1990): 572-583.

    Bandman E, Arrizubieta MJ, Wick M, Hattori A, Tablin F, Zhang S, Zhang Q. Functional analysis of the chicken sarcomeric myosin rod: regulation of dimerization, solubility, and fibrillogenesis.
    Cell Struct Funct. 1997 Feb;22(1):131-7. Review

    Zhang, Q; Rombel I; Reddy G. N; and Shen CK. Transcriptional Regulation of Human z2 and a Globin Promoters by Multiple Nuclear Factor-DNA Complexes: the Final Act. In Stamatoyannopoulos G (ed): Hemoglobin Switching. 1995. Chapter 16, p. 193-202

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