Tetrahymena genomics

Jonathan Eisen was the PI on a project to sequence and analyze the macronuclear genome of the model ciliate Tetrahymena thermophila.  This project was supported by grants from NIH-NIGMS and NSF.  It was a collaboration with Ed Orias, Eileen Hamilton and many others in the Tetrahymena community.  Some links of relevance to this project:

Publications supported by these grants

Other links of relevance

4 thoughts on “Tetrahymena genomics”

  1. A client is working with plasmodium and/or toxoplasma. He is trying to Sanger sequence something in one of those organisms, but keep getting hits to Tetrahymena and not to the other protozoa he works with. Specifically, the hits are always to “Tetrahymena thermophila DNA polymerase family B containing protein, mRNA, NCBI Reference Sequence: XM_001017761.1” (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/nucleotide/118369111?report=genbank&log$=nuclalign&blast_rank=1&RID=36D1FY8B01R). Also, each time he tries to sequence it he gets hits to different regions of that same entry. Is it possible this is some sort of retrovirus that could infect other protozoa? I’d attach the BLAST result to this if I knew how. Sorry for the silly question…


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