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Jonathan Eisen Supposed Lab Head AKfTiFxx_400x400.jpg Blog Twitter
David Coil Project Scientist/Lab Manager DavidIcon_2 Lab Page Twitter
Mo Kaze Postdoctoral fellow Mo Twitter  Website
Gina Chaput Postdoctoral fellow 20190416_080805_Fotor Twitter  Website
Connie Rojas Postdoctoral fellow connie Twitter  Website
Marisano James PhD Student Lab Page
Sonia Ghose  
PhD Student Lab Page
Marina De León PhD Student marinalabphoto Lab Page Twitter
Alonna Wright PhD Student OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Twitter  Website
Mable Thai Undergraduate    
Hannah Huapaya Undergraduate    
Eisen lab on 8/12/21 image-from-ios Eisen lab on 11/3/17 (not everyone pictured) IMG_2630 
Eisen Lab on 5/30/18 (many not pictured)

Past members of the lab.

High School Students
  • Henna Hundal. 2014. Afterwards went to Harvard College.
  • Kevin Yang. 2012-2013. Folsom High School. Afterwards went to the University of Chicago.
  • Roger Chen. Summer 2010. Afterwards went to Stanford University. Twitter: @rcchen Website:
  • Ryan Maples. Summer 2010 participant in the UC Davis Young Scholars Program.
  • Rohit Misra. Summer 2010.
  • Ray Zhou. Summer 2009.  Graduated HS. Afterwards went to Stanford University.
Undergraduates, Lab Technicians and Interns
  • Samantha Levy (2019-2021). Transferred to pandemic lab 2021
  • David Shih (2019-2021). Transferred to pandemic lab 2021
  • Tatiana Sanden (2019-2020). Graduated 2020
  • Camille Burke (2018-2020). Graduated 2020
  • Neil Brahmbhatt (2017-2020). Graduated 2020
  • Marcus Cohen (2016-2020). Graduated 2020
  • Kelsa Lowe (2019). Graduated 2019.
  • Yasmine Meric (2019). Graduated 2020.
  • Jacqueline Colin (2016-2019).  Graduated 2019.
  • Natascha Varona (2018-2019).  Graduated 2019. As of fall 2019, working at the USDA in Davis, CA.
  • Kaylah Marcello (2017-2019). Graduated 2019. As of fall 2019, PhD student in Microbiology at UC Davis.
  • Dennett Rodriquez (2017-2019). Graduated. As of Summer 2019, doing a fellowship in France.
  • Randi Pechacek (2016-2019).  Graduated 2019.
  • Amy Wen (2017-2019). Graduated 2019. As of fall 2019, working at a biotech company in the SF Bay Area.
  • Adrienne Cho (2016-2019).  After graduation become a Junior Specialist at UCD.
  • Thant Zaw (2016-2019). Graduated.
  • Lydia Lee (2018-2019).
  • Ben Stillman (2018).
  • Tess McDaniel (Summer 2018). As for Fall 2018, undergraduate at UCLA.
  • Katelin Jones (2018).
  • Jolie Lobrutto (2018).
  • Katie Somers (2017-2018).
  • Emily Dunsmore (2016-2018). Graduated. After graduation doing a fellowship in Spain.
  • Karley Lujan (2015-2018). Graduated. After graduation, applying to medical school.
  • Amanda Dimech (2017). Graduated.
  • Taylor Tucker (2017). Graduated.
  • Daniel Oberbauer (2017).
  • Greg Kincheloe (2015-2017). After graduating: a Junior Specialist at UC Davis, then PhD program at Penn State
  • Dana DeVries (2015-2017). After graduating: a Research Technician at the USDA
  • Amanda Everitt (2016-2017). After graduation working at UCSF.
  • Petra Dahms (2015-2017).
  • Tynisha Koenigsaecker (2015-2016). After graduating became a medical student at UC Davis.
  • Chase Keaton (2015-2016). Graduated
  • Janine Wong (2015-2016). Graduated
  • Alex Martin (2015-2016). After working in lab: returned to her studies at Berkeley
  • Briana Pompa-Hogan (2015-2016).
  • Madeleine Leahy (2015-2016).
  • Alexandra Alexiev (2012-2016). After graduating became a graduate student at CU Boulder.
  • Ruth Lee (2014-2016). After graduating became a graduate student at UC Davis
  • Makayla Betts (2014-2016). After graduating became a graduate student at MIT
  • Nicholas Metas-Chapman (2016). After graduating went to medical school in Fall 2017
  • Camilla Dayrit (2014-2015). After working with the lab became a freelance graphic designer in SF
  • Hannah Holland-Moritz (2012-2015). After graduating became a graduate student at CU Boulder
  • Hoon San Ong (2013-2014). After graduating: job at Genentech
  • Sabreen Aulakh (2012-2014). After graduating: job at UC Davis Medical Center
  • Jennifer Flanagan (2012-2014).  After graduating: job as a research technician at UCSF
  • Madison Dunitz (2012-2014). Currently a Java programmer in SF
  • Andrew Stump (2013-2014).  Working at Genentech
  • Muntaha Samad (2014).
  • Jonathon Lo (2011-2013).
  • Akshay Sethi (2012-2013).
  • Andrew Shaver (2012-2013). After graduating: working at NuGEN technologies
  • Lakshmi Bharadwaj (2013). After graduating: Master’s student at CalPoly in Stem Cell Bio
  • Wan Nurul Naszeerah  (2013). After graduating: Master’s student at Yale School of Public Health.
  • Eric Lowe – (2012-2013). After graduating became a Customer Service Representative at 23 and me.
  • Amanda Diep (2011-2013). Afterwards a Medical scribe at CEP American
  • Zachary Bendiks (2011-2013). Currently a graduate student at UC Davis
  • Dakota Bevans (2011-2012). Afterwards a Staff Researcher at CA National Primate Research Center
  • Jessica Doctor (2011-2012).
  • Carolina Bistue. Afterwards went to Masters program at UC Davis in Viticulture and Enology.
  • Clare Xu.  Afterwards became an associate Data Analyst Intern at Percepta Associates.
  • Ryan Corces-Zimmerman.  Afterwards went to PhD program at Stanford University.
  • Sarah Post. Afterwards went to  medical school at U. Pennsylvania
  • Holly Huse (2005-2007). Summer Intern while in college and worked as a technician in the lab after graduating college. Afterwards went to PhD program at U. Texas Austin.
  • Kevin Penn (2003-2005). Worked as a technician in the lab after graduating college. Afterwards went to PhD program at Scripps Institute of Oceanography.
Master’s Students PhD Students Post docs and other post-PhD folks, with positions after they left the lab
  • Laetitia Wilkins. Post Doc.  Afterwards working as a group leader at the Univeristy of Breman, Germany.
  • Holly Ganz. Afterwards: CEO and Founder of Animal Biome
  • Alana Firl.  UC Davis “New Biology” Post Doctoral Fellow (supported by the UC Davis College of Biological Sciences Post Doc). Joint post doc with the Sundar lab. Afterwards a post-doc in Luca Comai’s lab at UC Davis.
  • Dongying Wu. Afterwards: working at DOE-JGI.
  • Alessandro Delfanti (2014-2015). Afterwards became an Assistant Professor of Culture and New Media at the Institute of Communication, Culture, Information and Technology and the iSchool at the University of Toronto.
  • Sarah Strauss. Joint post doc between the Eisen Lab and Dan Kluepfel’s lab (USDA-ARS) (primary appointment in the Kluepfel Lab). Afterwards: Faculty position at University of Florida
  • Sarah Hird(2013-2016). Post Doc. UC Davis Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellow (2014-2016). Afterwards a professor at University of Connecticut.
  • Jenna Morgan Lang. 2012-2016. After leaving the lab worked at  Trace Genomics and BioConsortia. In 2019 at iCarbonX.
  • Holly Bik.  Afterwards become Birmingham Fellow / Faculty at the University of Birmingham, UK.  Then a Project Scientist at the Center for Genomics and Systems Biology (NYU).  As of 2018 an Assistant Professor at UC Riverside.
  • Aaron Darling.  Afterwards became Associate Professor at the University of Technology, Sydney
  • Thomas Sharpton.  Afterwards became Assistant Professor at Oregon State (was mostly a post doc in Katie Pollard’s lab at UCSF but was semi-jointly supervised by me).
  • Morgan Langille. Afterwards became Assistant Professor at Dalhausie University
  • Sourav Chatterji. Afterwards became Software Engineer, Facebook
  • Martin Wu. Afterwards became Assistant Professor at the University of Virginia.
  • Jonathan Badger.  Afterwards became Assistant Professor at the J. Craig Venter Institute.
  • Chris Desjardins. Joint post doc at TIGR with Vish Nene. Afterwards became Staff Scientist, the Broad Institute.
  • James Sakwa. Joint post doc at TIGR with Naomi WardAfterwards went to work at the South Africa Genome Center.
Professional Staff
  • Guillaume Jospin (2009-2020). Currently working for AnimalBiome
  • John Zhang (2011-2015). After leaving lab: working at Novogene.
  • Andrew Tritt.  Afterwards became a software engineer at the DOE-JGI.
  • Marcel Huntemann (2006-2007). Afterwards became a software engineer at the DOE-JGI.
  • Raquel Peixoto. 2017-2020.  Visiting Professor from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.
  • Isabelle Laforet-Lapointe. 2015. Visiting PhD student from the Université du Québec à Montréal
  • Melissa Whittaker (2013-2014). UC Davis PhD student in Art Shapiro’s lab who did work on butterfly microbiomes in the lab.
  • Kathryn Teague (2013). Visiting undergraduate from The University of the Pacific, Geology
  • Sima Tokajian (2013) – visiting Professor from the Lebanese American University in Beruit, Lebanon
  • J. Matthew Haggerty (2013) visiting PhD student from SDSU.
  • Lea Benedicte Skov Hansen (2012). Visiting post doc from University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Alex Hon-Tsen Yu (2011). Visiting Professor from National Taiwan University.

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