Getting more and more annoyed with dangerous Real Estate signs in #DavisCA

I am getting more and more annoyed with the Davis Realtor crowd. They seem to think that they can place signs anywhere they want to promote their sales. Here are some examples I took today, including one sign by Mona DeMasi that forced a couple of kids further into the path of a car while the kids were trying to ride around a circle.

Crawdads from Wildhorse Creek, Davis, CA

Just a quick one here. Went for a walk last night on the Wildhorse Agricultural Buffer trail near Wildhorse and bumped into a few families “fishing” for crawdads on the bridge over the little creek there. They were catching them just for the kids to look at them and then let them go on the bridge, which entertained my kids quite a bit … here is a slide show of the crawdads:

Shields Oak Grove at Davis Arboretum looking great

Just thought I would post a few pics of the new Shields Oak Grove path/tour in the Davis Arboretum.  It is very very nice and looks like it will expand with more trails, etc.  The pics do not do the place justice but I thought I would post anyway.