Next Omics Office Hour @ SOM this Friday March 2 at 9:00am Rm 3209 Edu Bldg

The UC Davis Genome Center holds an Omics Office Hour from 9:00-10:00am each month in Room 3209 of the Medical Education building in Sacramento. These drop-in sessions are open to anyone in the SOM community with questions regarding Genomics, Epigenomics and Gene Expression, Proteomics, Metabolomics, Network Biology and Bioinformatics.

The mission of the Genome Center is to facilitate your “omics” research at UC Davis. Genome Center staff and faculty will be on hand for consultation in a friendly, informal setting. If you have ideas that you would like to explore, we would be happy to discuss it as well as the possibility of pilot grants.

The next session will be Friday, March 2, 9:00 am in Room 3209 of Med Edu Bldg.

For more details, please link to:

The schedule is also available as a Google Calendar called “‘Omics Office Hours”. For anyone who wants to subscribe to the calendar, here are instructions:

For Google Calendars:
1- go to Google Calendar
2 – under “Other calendars” click Add/Add by URL
3 – past the iCal link shown below into the box.
4 – click Add Calendar
5 – DONE

For iCal:
1- just click on the link below (might require some advanced Mac skills)
– or –
1- open iCAL
2- in the menu select Calendar/Subscribe
3 – past the iCal link shown below into the box.
4 – click Subscribe
5 – DONE

Author: Jonathan Eisen

I am an evolutionary biologist and a Professor at U. C. Davis. (see my lab site here). My research focuses on the origin of novelty (how new processes and functions originate). To study this I focus on sequencing and analyzing genomes of organisms, especially microbes and using phylogenomic analysis

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