Quick little slideshow summary of our work so far

I am a member of the Biological Undergraduate Scholars Program (BUSP), a science-enrichment program aimed at helping EOP students excel in their science courses and obtain research positions (thanks to them I obtained a position in Dr. Eisen’s lab, which had the added bonus of turning me into a blogger!).  I recently gave a presentation to my program coordinator and fellow second-year BUSPers that summarized the methods the Eisen undergraduates have used to isolate, purify, and analyze the 16S gene of various bacteria.  Dr. Eisen mentioned in my previous blog post that a summary of our work thus far would help our readers better understand our methodology and final goals, so I figured the presentation would be a good little placeholder until something more formal is written up

The Undergraduate Genomic Sequencing Project

I will admit that the slides are scarce on detailed information, and instead give very general descriptions. After all, I had to actually address the audience during my presentation and not just read off the slides!

One thought on “Quick little slideshow summary of our work so far”

  1. great – glad you posted this ..

    here is a little trick that might be useful … post the slides to slideshare

    if you go to http://www.slideshare.net/

    register for a free account

    then you can upload the slides there

    and when they are uploaded you can embed them in your post (right now you link to the ppt file)

    (the way to do that is to copy the “embed” code from slidehsare and then add that to your post — which you have to do by using the html editor in WordPress rather than the Visual editor …


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