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Update on Curtobacterium and Other Musings

In my first year in the Eisen lab, I was lucky to be able to participate on the Undergraduate Genome Sequencing Project in which I published the draft genome of Curtobacterium flaccumfaciens, the first of it’s genus. An important aspect … Continue reading

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Summary of Undergraduate Genome Sequencing Project

(cross posted from microbe.net) With the publication of the 6th and last genome paper to come out of our Undergraduate Genome Sequencing Project I thought this would be a good time to reflect on how it all went. To summarize, … Continue reading

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Curtobacterium flaccumfaciens paper out (Jennifer Flanagan)

The second-to-last undergraduate genome paper is out.   Curtobacterium flaccumfaciens by Jennifer Flanagan.

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Two more papers out: Jessica and Amanda

The days of this blog are numbered…  There’s only a couple more papers to come out (both accepted) and then this project will be officially completed!   I’ll write a summary and reflections on the whole process at that time. Meanwhile, … Continue reading

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Zach presenting his genome project work at the Undergraduate Research Conference

Here’s a picture of Zach talking about his search for the Microbacterium genome

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Genome papers published: Brachybacterium muris UCD-AY4 and Microbacterium sp UCD-TDU

When we first started this genome sequencing project in Jan 2012 we had hopes of wrapping up the project by Spring and getting the papers out that summer.   Turns out it was a bit more complicated than we thought.   The … Continue reading

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Advice on asking for letters of recommendation (updated May 2013)

This is based off an e-mail I sent recently to a student and someone suggested I post it here: Asking for letters of recommendation In general I, and others are happy to write letters of recommendation for people… it’s part … Continue reading

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Genome Project Documentary finally finished!

After collecting dust for some months I’ve finally put together the (4-minute) documentary on the Undergraduate Genome Project.   The idea here was film the students throughout the project and create something that would give a basic idea of what they … Continue reading

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TDU (M. oxydans) info, and what lies ahead

The ominous clouds in the sky and the cool breeze in the air can only mean one thing – Summer is gone and it’s time to stop slacking off.  With that in mind, I thought I would update everyone on … Continue reading

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Curtobacterium flaccumfaciens (AKU)

Hi, this is a really long overdo post, but I figured it was about time to start blogging. My name is Jennifer and I am a third year Cell Biology and double in Communications. I am slightly new to the … Continue reading

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