Electronic Lab Notebook tech demo at #UCDavis 5/18

Just got this email and am sharing

Electronic Laboratory Notebooks–an information breakthrough for your lab?

Friday, May 18

3 pm

5206 GBSF

** AND **

12-2 pm

Day On the Dock

Behind Haring Hall

Dear UC Davis Researchers,

Is your research group tablet- or iPad- compatible? Would you like to find out?

Please come to a demonstration of electronic laboratory notebooks (ELN) in GBSF 5206 on Friday, May 18 at 3 pm. Rory MacNeil, from Axiope, (http://www.axiope.com) will be visiting from Scotland to discuss ELN in general, and the software he helped design, eCAT. This application is very suitable for academic research labs and
collaboration among a group.

If you cannot attend this demonstration, Rory will be at Day On the Dock, station #1, behind Haring Hall between 12-2 pm. Please stop by.

1. You may watch an extended (80 min) overview of ELN from LabManager webcast,
http://www.labmanager.com/?articles.view/articleNo/4575/article/Webinar–Next-Generation-Electronic-Laboratory-Notebooks–ELNs- (This presentation is primarily targeted to commercial labs; the latest generation of ELN’s are compatible with basic research groups. Three additional vendors discuss their products (Agilent, Accelrys, Waters).

2. You may watch the following brief video introducing inventory management in eCAT

3. You may also sign up for a free personal account or a free trial of the group versions at

Author: Jonathan Eisen

I am an evolutionary biologist and a Professor at U. C. Davis. (see my lab site here). My research focuses on the origin of novelty (how new processes and functions originate). To study this I focus on sequencing and analyzing genomes of organisms, especially microbes and using phylogenomic analysis

4 thoughts on “Electronic Lab Notebook tech demo at #UCDavis 5/18”

      1. So my system isn’t perfect yet (or likely..ever) but I have created a Notebook stack dedicated to my lab and then a few different lab notebooks within.

        1) One is my weekly general log of what I do. Evernote has a checkbox bullet widget you can add in, so I make lists of what I need to accomplish and check them off as I go, and I will use the regular bullets to take notes about procedures, etc. I can also import images, so I will put my gel/western results in or images of my plates if necessary.
        2) My “Addendum” holds individual notes for results that were too bulky for my aesthetic preferences to include in the main note body. Usually this is large images of gels or western blots, or in one case a large list of FASTA sequences. I will refer to the page in my log for reference.
        3) Project To-Do notebook has a few pages with the general overview of what my projects are and I use that to keep myself focused on the big picture. There are only a few pages in this one because the idea is for it to be fairly general.
        4) Article Notes/Readings – I recently created a new notebook specifically to keep track of my notes on the articles I am reading (this was before I saw your earlier tweet about Mendelely, which I’m still learning how to use effectively). I can take notes on the article in the body of the note, import images if necessary, and attach a pdf copy of the article for later reference.

        Two other features which I really like for its use as my lab notebook are the search feature.. which my old paper notebook definitely didn’t have, and the audio recording function. I was recently at a department seminar and had my iPad, pulled out Evernote to start the recording, and it had pulled the name of the presentation and presenter from my calendar and automatically titled the note. Cool, but also a bit spooky. (I have also used this to record my beer-making class while simultaneously taking notes and pictures)

        I think my system works pretty well for me, it keeps me organized and I find that I take much better notes than I ever did with my paper notebook. Plus it is nice not to have to hunt down the image of the gel or whatever when I’m looking at the notebook because it is right there. I like the interface… I think it is important to like it in a basic sense – it looks clean, professional, and modern to me.

        Ok sorry that was really long, I’m stopping now! 🙂


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