Microbacterium oxydans Data

I finally found a computer with some internet access (just moved apartments and I have no internet or television for a week) so I decided to update everyone on the status of my organism Microbacterium oydans (TDU).

The library construction went very well, producing a genome with only 44 contigs contained within 8 scaffolds. The total length of the genome was 3,746,321 base pairs, which is similar to the lengths of other Microbacterium genomes (3,982,034 for M. testaceum, 3,952,501 for M. yannicii). I used the RAST genome annotation program to identify genes within my genome . The genome contained 355 subsystems and 3667 coding sequences according to the annotation pipeline.

Since this isn’t my computer I will have to end this post prematurely for now. Once I can get some more sustained internet time I will provide additional information about this organism

One thought on “Microbacterium oxydans Data”

  1. I found this organism in my lab while doing environmental monitoring. I would like to have more information about it such as its environment, its pathogenicity.


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