Sampling, DNA extraction, and PCR, OH MY!

For the past week, we’ve been doing preliminary sampling, as well as some DNA extractions and PCR on samples from the saltwater and freshwater flasks of water that we filtered and the wall and protein skimmer from the saltwater tank. Those four samples have now been through PCR. Although we found DNA, but the gel prepared after the PCR failed. We also went back to the tanks to gather samples from a saltwater tank that is soon to be broken up to create two coral ponds.

Author: aalexiev

I graduated from University of California, Davis with a Microbiology degree, and am now working towards my PhD at the University of Colorado, Boulder. My interest lies in how microbial communities interact with their environments and hosts.

2 thoughts on “Sampling, DNA extraction, and PCR, OH MY!”

  1. For now we only did preliminary sampling from a freshwater tank, a cold saltwater, and a saltwater tank that is about to be broken up into coral ponds. Eventually, we will also sample microbes from the coral ponds to look at succession as the community grows over time and establishes itself.


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