Gotta love those DNA extractions :)

Because I was so late to introduce myself, I can also talk about what we’ve been doing for the last few weeks. We’ve gone to the aquariums and collected samples, done some DNA extractions, and done PCR on our samples. Our samples came from salt water and fresh water tanks and include water, sediment, and gunk from the walls of the tanks. Our latest issue has come after PCR, while running the Gel. It seems like our issue might be all the way back in PCR A. I am very excited for the new aquatic systems that we will start sampling in the next couple weeks. We are hoping to start sampling the minute they load the tubs. Our hope is to sample very frequently in the first couple days because we know much of the microbial community will develop in this time. So what’s the point of that, you ask? Well we would love to study the succession of microbial communities in these new aquatic systems.  That’s all for now!

3 thoughts on “Gotta love those DNA extractions :)”

  1. Thank you, I should clarify. The tubs that I am referring to are going to contain the new salt water coral reef ponds that we will be studying succession on. The microbial community will be taken from the current tropical tank and put into the tubs, which will have corals and a diverse set of invertebrates. Loading the tubs basically means moving the current tropical tank community into the tubs. These ponds won’t be used until the Spring, so we will be taking many samples along the way to follow the succession of the microbial community. When spring comes along, the ponds will have many human interactions and we will be able to study the impact humans have on the microbial community.


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