New Coral Ponds

Hi all,

I have been looking forward to adding some blog posts on this great student outreach project but keep holding back because I wanted to include some pictures. I have recently joined Eisen’s lab and will be at Davis for the year before returning to San Diego State University to continue working on my Phd looking at microbial communities across Southern California kelp forests. I was excited about the opportunity to join in on this project and am impressed by the level of student participation.

This week has been busy with everyone getting acquainted with all the new water chemistry kits David has ordered for us. With Russell’s new tweeting pH meter, I was afraid the machines were taking over but it turns out undergrads and grads are still needed for bench work.


Today we got to see the newest coral pond setup and everyone in action as we collect our baseline data. Despite the rain we had a lot of participation and everything went smoothly.


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