Day 1 of Coral Pond #2

Today they established the second Coral Pond (Coral Pond #2 for naming purposes). They are going to innoculate both tomorrow.


We came in at 10 this morning to do some water chemistry on the incoming water for Coral Pond #2. Then we took samples and are currently doing water chemistry for time 0 of Coral Pond #2. However, we took water from Coral Pond #2 right after they loaded the water onto the sand, so the water was turbid, resulting in some questionable data. For example, nitrite and nitrate readings came out as zero. I think this is due to the turbid water, so we are going to do the test again on the filtered water. We’re just waiting on the filtering water… 3 x 1 Liter takes about 1 1/2 hours – Definitely the rate limiting step.


We’re doing AM and PM samples for the next three days.


In other news we’ve reached triple digits for # of samples 🙂

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