Pipet or Pipette?! And some updates on our project :)

First of all, how do you spell the thing?? I’ve seen it both ways.. pipet and pipette. I’m thinking it’s pipette because it doesn’t have the red squiggly spelling error sign under it. Just wondering!


Now for the good stuff! We’ve been rocking and rolling in the lab. (Except for the week I came down with the flu) We have so many samples and it would be a bummer to do EVERYTHING (DNA extractions, PCR, Gel confirmation, etc) for every single sample and have disappointing results. While we are optimistic about our results, we are currently preparing samples from the first coral ponds at different time points for sequencing just so we can see how our results look in terms of succession of the microbial community in the pond. If we get cool results (crossing our fingers) we’ll go back to the pipettes and prepare the rest of the samples!


We’ve got a lot of work to do but we are making progress. We are presenting to the lab next Friday about our project. I am really excited to get feedback from experts who know a lot more than me!

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