UC Davis’ 2nd Annual BioBlitz will be sampling MICROBES!

The first-ever MicroBioBlitz will be held tomorrow, April 27th, from 9am-2pm! Join the Eisen Lab and the UC Davis chapter of SEEDS (the Ecological Society of America’s Undergraduate Ecology Club) at the Putah Creek Riparian Reserve for their second annual BioBlitz. The event is open to the public, and SEEDS just finished putting out some traps, so there could be lots of fun critters to see tomorrow!

I just chatted with the BioBlitz organizers, and they are super-excited to have us there to recruit the BioBlitz participants. As they catch frogs and butterflies, and identify flowers and trees, they will all be armed with a microbial sampling kit! Microbial samples will be sent to Jack Gilbert for sequencing as part of the Earth Microbiome Project!

Bring friends, family, co workers, or anyone else you might know!

Here is the link to iNaturalist, which is the site they will be using to upload all of their species accounts. Come out and help the UCD SEEDS chapter win the BIOBLITZ contest this year!!

Hmmm… wonder if our microbial species will count for the contest???

Here’s the official BIOBLITZ FLYER 

and a BioBlitz Map

Author: jennomics

I am a Postdoc in Jonathan Eisen's Lab at UC Davis. jennomics@gmail.com

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