Learning How to Work Qiime

So we’ve done our data collection, we’ve done more PCR than we could ever imagine, and we finally got our sequences. Now what? We analyze our data using Qiime, a software that will help us see connections between our microbe data. Qiime is useful since it can handle the large amounts of data we’re throwing at it, something most other programs would crash just thinking about. As someone with average knowledge of computers, it’s entirely intimidating learning something based on programming from scratch, but it has also been a great learning experience. Now off to play with terminal and find some meaning in these strings of letters…

Author: aalexiev

I graduated from University of California, Davis with a Microbiology degree, and am now working towards my PhD at the University of Colorado, Boulder. My interest lies in how microbial communities interact with their environments and hosts.

2 thoughts on “Learning How to Work Qiime”

    1. No, unfortunately, I did not. I regret it now. I have no knack for computers. Slowly getting the hang of it using online resources and David’s help.


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