Agilent – where men are thought leaders

Well this is disappointing.  Was googling for a person and found this Agilent “Thought Leaders Program“.  It is described as

This invitational program promotes fundamental scientific advancements by contributing financial support, products and expertise to the research of influential thought leaders in the life sciences, diagnostics, and chemical analysis.

Alas it might be described better as “Agilent Male Thought Leaders Program”. In my estimation (based on the pronouns used in the descriptions of the people and in Googling around for more information), of the 31 “thought leaders” 28 are male.  That comes to a bit more than 90%.  It seems like there is some sort of bias here.   Agilent should and could do better.

Author: Jonathan Eisen

I am an evolutionary biologist and a Professor at U. C. Davis. (see my lab site here). My research focuses on the origin of novelty (how new processes and functions originate). To study this I focus on sequencing and analyzing genomes of organisms, especially microbes and using phylogenomic analysis

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