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Currently a Senior at the University of California Davis campus. My declared major is a B.S in Biological Sciences with an emphasis in Medical Microbiology

No Luck with TEU

Currently and sadly the results from TEU are depressing as in not being able to go forth with the data we have and writing a paper. From what we thought of as TEU turned out to be contaminated with another microbe, we know this by returning to our original glycerol stock sample and acquiring a 16s confirming so. Resulting from this I will be helping Hannah with writing her paper for her organism, Leucobacter.

Life in the Lab

I have choosen to work on the organism (Morganella morganii) TEU and went through the process of tagmentation and library prep. Just recently finished running it on the Pinpin machine and cleaned my DNA and now awaiting for a few more organism to be ran on the bioanalyzer. First blog post feedback needed!