Google/ Blogger "Dynamic Views" – Fancy but limited

So – I keep switching back and forth between the current view on my blog and Google’s “Dynamic Views” system.  Right now I am annoyed with the Dynamic Views so switched it off.

To see Dynamic Views check out

Each has its benefits but the whole Dynamic Views system is incompatible with many things I would like to do with my blog – examples include embedding Storify stories (the embeds don’t work in dynamic views); jump breaks (to show only the beginning of a story with a species transition point); and much more. 
So – anyway – apologies for switching back and forth.  Still playing with what to have as a default …

Experimenting with Blogger’s "Dynamic Views" format and a way to use with without changing my front page

A while ago Blogger announced “Dynamic Views” for Blogger blogs (Dynamic Views: seven new ways to share your blog with the world). Some of these seem pretty near but I kind of like the non dynamic format for my blog and I am reluctant to jump into the new dynamic world.

Then I discovered a trick.  Dynamic views are there and you do not have to switch over the front page for people to still play with with views.

To get to the dynamic views for this blog go to one of these links:

Seems like this may work for most blogger blogs too.  Not sure whether this is on purpose by Blogger and/or whether they have written about it or not but I like that it is there to play with.  If people have any opinions about the Dynamic Views let me know.  I note – one you go to the dynamic views you can switch between the different views using the drop down menu on the left.