Today on "Express Yourself" Teen Radio – me – being interviewed about #Microbes & #OpenScience

Just a little self-centered plug.  I was interviewed recently for Express Yourself! | VoiceAmerica™ teen radio show.  The teens interviewing me included Henna Hundal who worked in my lab this summer as an intern on our “Seagrass Microbiome” project. See a post from Cassie Ettinger about Henna’s work.  Also see:

It was a fun interview and I love the idea of teens doing a science radio show.   From their site

Science is everywhere. From the stars that light the night sky to the intricate patterns on a butterfly’s wings, science is at play in all parts of our world and is continually making our lives so great. Hosts Henna Hundal and Courtney Chung discuss how science shapes our perspective on life from cell phones to lawn mowers, from cures for diseases to prosthetic limbs. Global Youth Talk reporter, Ryan Sim, talks about science careers in the United Nations, and how this international community is looking at science innovation to create solutions for the next generation. Special guest Dr. Jonathan Eisen,a Full Professor at the University of California, Davis, with appointments in the UC Davis Genome Center, the School of Medicine, and the College of Biological Sciences focuses on communities of microbes and how they provide new functions – to each other or to a host. Dr. Eisen is entertaining with his study systems of boiling acid pools, surface ocean waters, agents of many diseases, and the microbial ecosystems in and on plants and animals. In Health with Henna, Henna Hundal reports on how we can prevent the negative effects of prolonged sitting. It’s important to take those “stretch breaks” every hour. Whether it’s writing scientific articles, thoughtful science reporting, or even talking about science on the radio, integrating humanities with science is key to reaching a mass audience.

So – I recommend everyone listen …12 noon Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Kids Channel. Express Yourself! | VoiceAmerica™