Today at #UCDavis: The True Cost of Oil talk by Garth Lenz

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This is a final reminder about the awesome opportunity you have to see the talk by Garth Lenz TODAY, Tuesday, Jan 15th at 5:10pm.

Garth Lenz <

> on these issues and his work, and will be visiting UC Davis to share a slideshow of his photos and talk to us about this important environmental issue. It is a pertinent topic, as the country moves toward a final decision about the XL pipeline which would drive the expansion of the mining operations in the Tar Sands. And hearing this story from a world-renown photojournalist like Garth is truly a unique opportunity.

His talk is being sponsored by the Society for Conservation Biology, Davis and the Geology Students. It is titled “The True Cost of Oil: Images of Beauty and Devastation”

Join us on TODAY, Jan 15th at 5pm in 2 Wellman Hall to see his presentation. Free admission to students and the public.

Please bring your own coffee cup if you can!

Garth Lenz poster with UCD.pdf