I’d like some open science please

Check out some of the videos from last year’s Open Science Summit. I like the first one below, especially since I am wearing my SciFoo shirt. I wore it because many of the people had to leave the Open Science meeting early to go to SciFoo and I was not invited … do you hear that SciFoo organizers?

Hat tip to Khadijah M. Britton

If only all scientists were this cool

OK – I admit I am a bit biased since I am starting to collaborate with her on metagenomics related projects, but everyone should check out the new YouTube Video from Jessica Green. Jessica just moved from U. C. Merced to U. Oregon and if you want to know what she works on, well check out the video. Oh and make sure the volume is on.

The funny thing is, I met one of the founders of YouTube (Chad Hurley) a few weeks ago, and I was telling him how I thought scientists were starting to use YouTube more frequently to actually communicate. But I did not have too many concrete examples to show him. So Chad … you too should check out this video.