Wow – Sacramento Zoo Education Team incredibly impressive

Went to the Sacramento Zoo yesterday with my brother, our wives, and our kids.  We met up there at 2:15 PM because my brother’s 2 year old daughter is obsessed with orangutans and there was a educational talk scheduled for 2:15.

The talk was impressive and when it was over and the Zoo “Animal Ambassador” team started heading to the anteaters, well, we followed them.  And then, when that was over, we followed them to the clearing near the reptile house where they did an outdoor show with their Harris Hawk Saguaro.

The woman leading the show was one of the best public-science-education speakers I have ever seen.  Really.  She had a perfect temperament, explained complex topics, showed incredible respect to children asking bizarre questions, and showed a deep respect for the hawk that really blew me away (they realized that their activities with the hawk had been too repetitive and that it was getting bored so they were trying many new things to diversify it’s life, for example).  We lingered and lingered soaking up everything she was doing.  I wish I could remember her name to give her extra props but I will figure it out.

Here are some pics — most by me, some by my brother

Maybe the next thing is animal fecal transplant toys? #poop

OK – this is a bit gross – but whatever.  At the National Zoo the other day at the store my kids pointed out these “Pooping Animal Key Chains”.  Wonder what is next?

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