Life in the Lab

I have choosen to work on the organism (Morganella morganii) TEU and went through the process of tagmentation and library prep. Just recently finished running it on the Pinpin machine and cleaned my DNA and now awaiting for a few more organism to be ran on the bioanalyzer. First blog post feedback needed!

Author: dbevans

Currently a Senior at the University of California Davis campus. My declared major is a B.S in Biological Sciences with an emphasis in Medical Microbiology

6 thoughts on “Life in the Lab”

    1. The reason why this organism is a good candidate compared to many other organisms we’ve found is because this organism (Morganella morganii) TEU doesn’t have any published genomes, and searching for Morganella morganii on the GOLD website data base there is no indication of completed or incomplete projects for this organism. There are only 2 targeted projects for Morganella morganii.


  1. 1) What do you mean by “targeted” projects?

    2) Can you provide more detail about where this organism that you isolated is from?

    3) What about other possible relatives of this organism. What is it? What is it related to? Are any of those sequenced?


    1. Morganella morganii is reported to be commonly found within the intestinal tracks of humans, mammals, and some reptiles. A gram-negative rod shaped bacteria. Morganella is the only know species of its kinds with 2 sub species, morganii and sibonii. Both of these species do not have their genome sequenced. Morganella morganii was previously classified under the genus Proteus as Proteus morganii. The website listed is where I acquired some of this information.


        1. If i remember correctly it was found in a residential toilet growing as a bio-film in the bowl of the toilet around the water line to be exact. I will make sure this is correct and reply confirming where it was isolated.


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