Organization plan of attack!

One thing I would like to do tomorrow is go through our boxes and organize all the DNA, PCR reactions, and final products by sample ID #. I also want to write on the boxes of DNA and PCR reactions which numbers are in that box. For example, we have two DNA boxes (and probably more to come), and it can be quite tedious finding a DNA sample when you don’t know which box it’s in and the ID #’s are written very small on the lids of the 2mL tubes. (You would feel the same way if you had my terrible vision!)  I also want to take the original samples out of the freezer and write on the box which samples are in that particular box. Those samples are in the negative 80 degree fridge and it can be quite painful sitting there opening and closing box after box looking for the write samples. Hopefully I get a chance to do that and hopefully it helps 🙂

3 thoughts on “Organization plan of attack!”

  1. I would suggest that you have box numbers instead of writing sample IDs on the boxes. Then, in the google doc, you can just make a note of which box number you put your stuff in, and that way you won’t have to rewrite the sample IDs on the boxes if/when the contents change. Just a thought!


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