PCR A, PCR A, and more PCR A…

I’ve spent the week doing PCR A! So far I’m up to 40+ PCR A reactions. I finished up the 20 remaining samples needing PCR A this morning. After losing track of where I was in the PCR A process on Tuesday (and having to restart half of them) I developed an extremely organized way to do today’s set of samples! I meant to take a picture of the chart I made and used and post it here, but I forgot 😦


We are almost done with our preliminary set of samples to be sequenced! Assuming all the PCR A’s work, we will have quite a bit of PCR B to do (which is a lot quicker than PCR A!) and then gel confirmation, quantification, and dilutions to 1 ul. Maybe we can get it done in the next week.. too optimistic? We’ll see!


On a side note, David and a few others get to go to the Kings vs. Spurs game in San Antonio to collect samples for their space project. What a cool opportunity! (Say hi to Tim Duncan for me!)

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