Today in the lab

Today I primarily focused on reorganizing some of our stuff. First, I went through our two boxes of extracted DNA and put them in numerical order by sample ID. I think at one point they were in order but with all the PCR redos they’ve gotten quite mixed up and I’ve found it hard and annoying to find the right samples. The first box has any samples under #160 and the second box is any number above #160. The samples are also in order in each box, but I have a feeling that won’t last long 😛


Next I reorganized our PCR box. This didn’t take long. All I did was check to make sure all the forward and reverse primers had stuff in them, replaced a couple empty ones, and put them in order in the box. I did have one concerning discovery though: One of the primers said F2 on the side but F3 on top. I threw that tube away to avoid further confusion.


Lastly, I went through each box of samples from the minus 80 degree freezer and wrote the sample ID range of the samples in that box. For example I would have written “#’s 200-300” for a box with all samples between 200 and 300. It was a bit difficult to write on the boxes because they were so cold!

2 thoughts on “Today in the lab”

  1. Great work Andrew! Thanks for doing all of that. I’m extremely concerned about the F2/F3 primer issue however. We need to figure out how many samples have been done with either of those primers and consider our options.


  2. I actually meant to send you an email about that because I know it’s an issue that we want to address immediately. I’ll take a look at which samples have been done with either of those primers


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