Job: Senior Research Associate in metagenomics and next-gen sequencing

Posting this for colleagues at Phylagen.

For full disclosure – I am a consultant for Phylagen.


Senior Research Associate
Phylagen, Inc.
San Francisco, CA
Position Description
Phylagen is an early stage biotech company developing microbiome analytics and data generation approaches with applications to a diverse set of industries and brands.
We are bringing on an innovative lab scientist – ideally with a M.S or Ph.D. in biology, molecular biology, microbiology, biochemistry, or related field (translating to 4-5 years lab experience). We want someone deeply knowledgeable in microbiome sample handling, high-throughput sequencing library preparation,  and next-generation sequencing platforms.
The position will entail processing samples from different environments, developing and optimizing protocols for amplicon and shotgun metagenomic libraries, and translating processes to automated and high-throughput pipelines for the generation of high-quality sequence data. Expertise in sequencing platform tuning or laboratory automation is a bonus.
We are looking someone who is flexible – a fast learner with relevant experience that will allow them to contribute quickly. We offer a competitive salary, equity, and benefits package. You will be a key player in a cutting edge, rapidly growing venture-backed microbiome startup.
Apply on LinkedIn ( or send CV to
Company Description
Phylagen is an early stage biotech startup focused on building game-changing microbiome science and technology with applications across a diverse set of industries and brands. We are harnessing the unseen world of microbes to improve our daily lives by combining advanced DNA sequencing and big data analytics to analyze the microbiome in ways previously not possible. This enables us to solve diverse problems across health care, food processing, transportation, and other industries.

Author: Jonathan Eisen

I am an evolutionary biologist and a Professor at U. C. Davis. (see my lab site here). My research focuses on the origin of novelty (how new processes and functions originate). To study this I focus on sequencing and analyzing genomes of organisms, especially microbes and using phylogenomic analysis

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