At #UCDavis 3/1 Elena Bray Speth “Learning biology – & learning how to learn: challenges & strategies for introductory science students”

Received this by email:
Plant Sciences Seminar Speaker

March 1, 2017

Dr. Elena Bray Speth

Associate Professor

Department of Biology

Saint Louis University, Missouri

12:10 – 1:00pm ~ Seminar (3001 PES)

“Learning biology – and learning how to learn: challenges and strategies for introductory science students”

Elena’s research program focus on teaching and learning about complex biological systems in introductory biology. Her program at St. Louis University is funded by NSF. Please visit her webpage at She will present two aspect of her research: (a) how to promote development of competencies such as modeling and crafting explanations in large introductory biology courses, and (b) what we know about students’ self-regulated learning and study habits, and their relationship to academic achievement. Before moving on to science education, Elena received her PhD from Michigan State University, where she studied molecular biology of plant-microbe interactions.

Author: Jonathan Eisen

I am an evolutionary biologist and a Professor at U. C. Davis. (see my lab site here). My research focuses on the origin of novelty (how new processes and functions originate). To study this I focus on sequencing and analyzing genomes of organisms, especially microbes and using phylogenomic analysis

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