The Xtranormal Case for OpenPub (from Jarrett Byrnes of OpenPub and NCEAS)

From Jarrett Byrnes as part of the OpenPub working group at NCEAS

Draft blog post cleanup #2: Metagenomics meets animals

OK – I am cleaning out my draft blog post list.  I start many posts and don’t finish them and then they sit in the draft section of blogger.  Well, I am going to try to clean some of that up by writing some mini posts.  Here is #2:

Saw an interesting story on Genome Web: ‘Denizens’ of the Deep | The Daily Scan | GenomeWeb.  I have not been able to get the original article yet, but it seems that what they have done can basically be considered metagenomics for animals.  They collected sloughed off cells and other material from a lake and surveyed it for animal DNA.  This seems like a very cool derivative of metagenomic approaches and has enormous potential.  But alas, I never got down to getting access to the paper: Monitoring endangered freshwater biodiversity using environmental DNA so this will have to stay as a mini post.  Damn non open access journals …

Evolution diet for pets. Why not for people? Oh wait, of course that has been thought of before

Yup, that is right.  There are evolution based diets for pets.  Do you think people will use them if they don’t believe in evolution?  Do pets believe in evolution? Is an evolution based diet better than other diets? Actually, for the last question, it seems plausible that evolution informed diets could be of some use, but still seems funny to see it in pet food. 
Why isn’t there an evolution diet for people yet? Oh wait, there is
And there is all sorts of stuff out there about evolution and diet including
Just goes to show you, with google you can find that just about everything you can think of already exists.