NASA Data Bridge Workshop

I’m at Caltech right now, at a workshop designed to figure out how to use citizen scientists to bridge the gap between NASA Earth Science data and societal needs (policy, management, forecasting, etc.) I’ll write up a more detailed summary later, but I wanted to post the bios of the participants. It’s a pretty awesome crowd.

NASA Data Bridgemakers Bios

Notes and materials from MARS Sample Handling Workshops 2000-2001 #Curiosity

I had the pleasure of serving as a panel member for some NASA sponsored “Mars Sample Handling Workshops” in 2000-2001 and thereabouts.  I have all these materials still from those meetings and in light of the Mars Curiosity Rover landing and other recent activities I thought it would be good to share them.  Most/all are public domain materials but not all are easy to find so I thought I would post them here.  Note – I have done no clean up of scans – will do so at some point. Enjoy.



Sept. 16-20, Lake Arrowhead Microbial Genomics Conference

This is the first announcement for the 2012 Microbial Genomics Conference, which will take place at the UCLA Conference Center, Lake Arrowhead, California, September 16-20, 2012.

Ashlee Earl, Jonathan Eisen, Elisabeth Raleigh and myself, this years co-organizers, have put together a partial program (see attached) for the 2012 Arrowhead Microbial Genomics meeting, which is part of a continuing series of interdisciplinary meetings centered on microbial genomics. The following link to the last meeting’s program gives information about the conference site and history: We hope to have the website for the new meeting up soon. This year’s registration fee for registering participants (excluding invited speakers) is $900, which covers all meals, lodging, and a chartered bus to and from LAX to the meeting site. The information on the website for the previous meeting is still valid for how to pay the registration fees, except that the amount is different from this year’s amount, due to increases in Arrowhead’s room rates.

I think this year’s meeting will be very exciting, and the preliminary program of invited speakers lists 30 of the total of 40 speakers. All but 2 (in asterisks) have accepted so far.

This conference is part of a yearly meeting initiated in 1991 to bring together genome sequencers, bioinformatics specialists, and biologists and geneticists, to forge interactions that would result in meaningful functional genomics. The goal of the meeting is to translate the influx of new genome sequencing information into useful biological studies. The Lake Arrowhead 2012 meeting will have a major focus on genomic and other studies of microbial communities and biodiversity, and in particular the human microbiome, comparative and functional genomics of pathogens, modeling and designing of circuits and pathways and bioenergetics.

Sincerely yours,

Jeffrey H. Miller


Canadian Society of Microbiologists 62nd Annual Conference June 20-23

The Canadian Society of Microbiologists cordially invites you to the 62nd Annual Conference, to beheld June 20-23 in Vancouver, British Columbia. This year’s meeting features plenary speakers Jonathan Eisen (UC Davis), Jeffrey F. Miller (UCLA), and David Relman (Stanford), and includes scientific sessions on host-pathogen interactions, microbial biotechnology, the human microbiome, horizontal gene transfer and population genetics, antibiotic discovery and resistance, and envirogenomics. CSM is an especially unique and affordable conference for students and trainees, with registration starting at only $125 for undergrads, awards for student presentations, and an unparalleled opportunity to network with international speakers in an intimate venue.

Abstract submission is open until April 25, and early registration rates – starting at only $125 – are available until May 18. For more information, see the attached poster or visit

We look forward to seeing you in Vancouver!

The CSM 2012 Local Organizing Committee