Moore Foundation: Request for Expressions of Interest: Increasing the Potential of Marine Microeukaryotes as Experimental Model Systems through the Development of Genetic Tools

Got this from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and they said I could post it here.

Request for Expressions of Interest: Increasing the Potential of Marine Microeukaryotes as Experimental Model Systems through the Development of Genetic Tools

Marine Microbiology Initiative Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation November 21, 2014

The Marine Microbiology Initiative (MMI) at the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation aims to enable scientists to uncover the principles that govern the interactions among microbes and that influence nutrient flow in the marine environment. MMI is targeting closing gaps in and supporting the advancement of experimental model systems in microbial oceanography to enable new ways to uncover fundamental biological mechanisms.

We are soliciting expressions of interest (EOIs) for early-stage research projects to develop methods to genetically manipulate marine microeukaryotes as a first step in breaking current bottlenecks in the advancement of experimental model systems. MMI has two primary foci for this expression of interest:

  1. Development of genetic tools for diatoms. Diatoms are key players in the world’s oceans, generating ~20% of the world’s organic carbon, and a strong community of researchers is in place suggesting broad use of successfully developed methods. We are specifically interested in projects to develop reverse and/or forward genetics.
  2. Screening laboratory-scale culture collections for transformable marine microeukaryotes.

MMI will also consider projects to develop genetic tools and methods with other microeukaryotes that show promise for expanding the way the field can test hypotheses. If your idea does not fit category 1 or 2 above, please contact us prior to submitting your EOI.

MMI encourages EOIs from “inter-organismal” teams of researchers – i.e., complementary groups that have experience in a well-established model system and with a microeukaryote that is not currently genetically tractable – whose collaborative effort will bring innovative approaches to the field.

MMI invites you to send an expression of interest via email that briefly outlines a research project (one paragraph or less), using the following template:

  1. The lead researcher’s name, institution, and expertise.
  2. Indication of focus on genetic tools for diatoms (category 1 above) or laboratory culture screening for transformability (category 2 above).
  3. For category 1, the name of the organism(s); or, for category 2, the taxonomic group(s) to be screened. 
  4. A methodological or technical challenge that is hindering the development of a genetically manipulable marine microeukaryotic system that is ripe for solving and how you would address this challenge (3-5 sentences).
  5. The research team that would tackle this challenge, and why each team member’s expertise is relevant (one sentence per team member; please include institutional affiliations).

The opportunities that best align with MMI’s strategies and goals will be invited to submit proposals. MMI has allocated $7–10M to support this effort and anticipates making multiple, 2–3 year awards beginning in mid- 2015.

Please submit your EOI by Tuesday January 6, 2015 to Samantha Forde at


Job Announcement: Moore Foundation Program Associate

This seems like a potentially interesting job.  I note – I love the Moore Foundation – and just about everything they are doing in science.  Below is the email I recieved from the Project Lead Jon Kaye:

We have opened a search for a Program Associate. Details at the link below and attached. Please share with Bachelor’s and Master’s level individuals who may be interested. We will also be opening a search for a PhD-level Program Officer position soonstay tuned for details.

Full text of the announcement is below:

Program Associate, Marine Microbiology Initiative
Marine Microbiology Initiative
The Marine Microbiology Initiative (MMI) seeks to gain a comprehensive understanding of marine microbial communities, including their genetic diversity, composition and function; their ecological role in the oceans; and their contribution to ocean health and productivity.
The Position
The Program Associate will provide programmatic support to the Marine Microbiology Initiative. The primary responsibility is to ensure that the systems to manage grants and strategic workflows are implemented efficiently by the MMI team through effective coordination of team processes and activities.
Key Responsibilities
  • Facilitate coordination of overall Initiative grantmaking processes and strategic planning efforts.
  • Employ project and grant management tools to manage information on the grant pipeline, including grant requirements, preparing reporting templates for grantees and tracking payments.
  • Support timely programmatic decisions through tracking and analyzing the Initiative budget allocation, including funding and grantmaking projections.
  • Assist with analysis of current and prospective grantees’ legal and financial status.
  • Analyze grantee financial reports.
  • Develop, solicit and manage website content.
  • Analyze and report on media, news outlets, and scientific journals and share relevant information with the team.
  • Collect and organize scientific publications, including compiling citations using bibliographic software.
  • Help organize and schedule conferences, workshops and meetings with members of the MMI community, including arranging travel (meals, lodging, etc.) for meeting participants as needed, managing event expenses and participant reimbursements, etc.
  • Develop and give presentations for internal and external audiences regarding the Initiative’s activities.
  • Apply knowledge of MMI and the Science Program when addressing inquiries from the MMI community.
  • Actively participate in Science Program and Foundation meetings, trainings, and other activities.
  • Communicate directly with grantees and prospective grantees regarding grantmaking procedures.
  • Support team by helping manage review process for grant proposals, as needed.
  • Coordinate MMI team activities, organize team meetings and calendars, manage documents, and carry out other administrative duties as requested.
  • Maintain meeting agendas, create and distribute meeting notes and synthesis documents, maintain action items for the team.
Experience and Education
The ideal candidate will have:
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in a relevant field.
  • Demonstrated work experience in administration and/or project management.
  • Interest in scientific research (such as biology, environmental microbiology, oceanography, ecology, earth sciences, chemistry, physics, etc.) demonstrated through work, extracurricular activities, and/or volunteer programs.
Competencies and Attributes
The ideal candidate will also have:
  • Strong attention to detail and organizational skills.
  • Excellent project management and analytical skills.
  • A strong team orientation, positive attitude, integrity, self-motivation, discipline, and reliability.
  • Ability to work independently, self-manage priorities and goals for projects, meet deadlines, and multi-task while working well under pressure.
  • Work proactively and take initiative while consulting with Program Director and Program Officers as appropriate.
  • Ability to think critically and exercise judgment within defined procedures and practices to determine appropriate courses of action.
  • Interest and ability to synthesize knowledge in a variety of scientific fields.
  • Willingness to ask for help and identify appropriate resources to accomplish tasks, when necessary.
  • Strong written, oral, graphic, and inter-personal communication skills (e.g. phone inquiries, webpages, PowerPoint presentations, correspondence, and research summaries).
  • Proficiency with office productivity software (e.g. Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.).
Desired Behavioral Characteristics
The ideal candidate will also demonstrate the following behaviors, which are the hallmarks of our culture and characterize how we strive to do our work with each other and our partners: 
  • Practice courageous conversations 
  • Build trusted relationships 
  • Move with speed 
  • Build high-performing teams 
  • Focus on what matters 
  • Take smart risks 
  • Plan outcomes, learn and adapt      
Compensation and Benefits
Compensation includes a competitive base salary and an excellent package of health, retirement savings and other benefits.
Application Process
Applicants must be legally authorized to work in the United States.  Pursuant to the San Francisco Fair Chance Ordinance, we will consider for employment qualified applicants with criminal histories in a manner consistent with the requirements of the ordinance.
The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation is an equal opportunity employer. All correspondence will remain confidential. 

Suggestion of the week: Create Project Specific Pages on ImpactStory #AltMetrics

So – I have been doing a little “hacking” of the Impact Story system to create pages specific for individual projects rather than for me or other researchers.  I did this last week for my microBEnet project: Made a project page (hack?) for microBEnet on ImpactStory.  And been playing around with the concept some more.

For example see this page I made for the “iSEEM2: Environmental Niche Atlas” project that is a collaboration between my lab and the lab of Katie Pollard at UCSF (supported by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation).  To do this, I registered a new account in ImpactStory (with the first name i and last name SEEM2; using an alternative email address I have). I then used the “upload individual products” and loaded up Pubmed IDs, DOIs, Github web addresses, Slideshare web addresses and more.  And Voila I get I nice page with Altmetrics for our project rather than for myself.

Now I have not loaded everything done on this project yet, but already this is a helpful way to post results from our project and look at some of their metrics. I also updated the website for the project:

I think making such project specific pages will end up being useful in many ways. I discovered one this AM in an email I got from Impact Story.  I have appended it below.  Turns out they give weekly updates on how your metrics have changed for that week.  This is the best thing I have seen regarding “Alt Metrics” anywhere.  Very very useful.  Still not sure if this is an “acceptable” use of ImpactStory but I figure they should be OK with it.

Impactstory logo

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