iTalk bug – help needed with partial / unclosed aiff file

Well, too long of a saga to post directly to Twitter so posting here.

Yesterday I recorded a review session for a class with iTalk  I recorded it on my iPhone 4S.

When I got home to upload the file and to convert it to an MP3 to share with the class I discovered that it seemed to not be there in the iTalk file list.

I thought – maybe I never formally “saved” the file but maybe iTalk kept the recording somewhere.

So I opened up iTunes connected to my phone and there it was in the Apps file area

I then copied the file to my desktop and no matter what I do I cannot seem to open it and /or extract audio out of it.  I have tried to open it a million ways with all sorts of desktop and online programs and nothing works.  My guess is somehow the file was not closed out correctly and thus even though it is 430 Mb it is viewed as empty by all the programs I have tried.

Anyone know a solution for this?

I have posted the file to Dropbox here.