Science Faux Pas #4: Nature wishes their dog ate this advertisement

I know others have written about this already but I had to add this to my collection of Science Faux Pas because it is pretty good.  Nature had a recent issue that was covering the US election.  And look at the front and back cover … they claim it was an accident but hard to imagine given the posing/color matching.  I note I first heard about this from Bora on FriendFeed. And now the Times Online has a whole story on it.

Science Faux Pas Example #2: V = MA

OK.  This is far and away my favorite Science Faux Pas I have seen.  I cut this out of some magazine many years ago and posted it on my door in college, grad. school and in my previous job, so it is a little beat up.  But you got to hand it to Mathey-Tissot – promoting a precision watch with “Velocity equals mass x acceleration (V = MA).” Must be one heck of an interesting mechanism inside that watch. 

Science Faux Pas Example #1: 97% of internet users have internet access

I am starting a new series here on Science Faux Pas.  Here is one of my favorites from Nature a while back.  They report in this promotion that 97% of Nature’s readers have internet access.  How did they determine this? By an online readers survey.  The real question is – who are the 3% that completed the survey but said they did not have internet access?

I am going to try and make a collection of these over time so if you have any or can point to some out there please let me know.  It may not be as fun as Carl Zimmer’s tattoo series, but there are some doozies out there.