Draft post cleanup #16: Science and Title IX

Yet another post in my “draft blog post cleanup” series.  Here is #16 from July 2008.

I had seen an article that surprised me: Findings – John Tierney – Science Has Become the New Frontier for Title Nine – NYTimes.com

In the article Tierney discussed how the Title IX statute which forbids discrimination based on gender in education and has been applied extensively to athletic endeavors was beginning to be applied to science.  Not sure what has become of this over the last 3+ years — if anyone knows more please post …

New Stem Cell ruling trickle down effects: changes in NIH grant review/submission

Just got this email from UC Davis administration that I thought might be of interest

Dear UCD Research Community:

Pursuant to a court order issued on August 23, 2010, NIH is not accepting submissions of information about human embryonic stem cell lines for NIH review.

If you are currently preparing a proposal to NIH that includes stem cell research and NIH has not pulled the RFP, please continue preparing your proposal and Sponsored Programs will submit to Grants.gov.

Per the Council on Governmental Relations (COGR):

In a press briefing today August 24, 2010,  Francis Collins, Director of NIH, described the impact of the preliminary injunction prohibiting NIH from funding embryonic stem cell research under the NIH Guidelines on current and pending grants.    A NIH Guide notice will be issued shortly containing greater detail. 


In short, NIH consulted with the Department of Justice to make the following determination:


·                    Current grantees – those who have received their award already – may continue with their research;


·                    NIH will freeze the funds for the current grants due for annual renewal (non-competing renewals) by September 30, 2010;


·                    Grants in the review process – initial peer review or recommended for consideration by the advisory council – will be pulled from further consideration at this time.


We expect to receive additional information shortly, which we will share when received.