The future of Google Scholar

There is an interesting interview out in Nature where Richard van Noorden interviewed Anurag Acharya from Google Scholar: Google Scholar pioneer on search engine’s future : Nature News & Comment.  Definitley worth a look.  It has tidbits on the past, present and future of Google Scholar.

There are also some follow ups to this.  For example on Twitter I saw the following exchange:


I am in general agreement here that the cmmnity needs to start thinking about an open alternative.  Yes, I like Google Scholar (e.g., see my post on the Google Scholar blog: Using Google Scholar in Scholarly Workflows that I wrote in honor of the 10th Anniversary og GS.  But the lack of an API interface and the givng in to publishers demands seems lame.  So I do think we need to start to build up new strategies.  //

A good day for the Public Library of Science and science in general: #PLoS opens up search API

Well, thanks to @yokofakun (Pierre Lindenbaum) and #gepasi (Pedro Mendes) on twitter I found out about the announcement from the Public Library of Science (PLoS) yesterday that they have opened up a search application programming interface (API) to allow outside users better access to PLoS searching (see the PLoS blog: PLoS API). This is a great step for PLoS and should accelerate the ways that people access and search for content at PLoS. For more information see:

To use it you need to register for an PLoS API Key (I just got one, not that I will use it, but was just checking …). 
Looking forward to seeing what people do with this.