Dangerous overcrowdng at the Aquarium by the Bay in San Francisco

Bad bad bad experience at the Aquarium by the Bay on 7/7/13.

We went into the tunnel area (where you are in essence inside the big tank). And they announced they were having a shark feeding. We (11 of us including four kids) waited in the tunnel where they told us to.

The tunnel has a moving walkway in it on one side of the floor that slowly moves people through the area. On the other side of the floor there is solid ground. At the end of the walkway is a waiting area for the elevator. As the show started they turned on the walkway and people started moving past us.  The walkway was wall to wall people.

As they turned on the walkway, the elevator could not keep up with the crowd pouring in off the walkway and it started to get very crowded there. We decided to try and get out because it felt unsafe in the tunnel. We squeezed onto the moving walkway (my wife first, with my two kids and then me).

As we got near the elevators people were screaming for the staff to turn off the walkway as people started to get crushed. The staff refused. My sister turned off the emergency switch.

Eventually – after some ten minutes – we got out on the elevator. My kids were completely freaked out as were most of the other people there. This place should probably be shut down.

Undergraduate Research: Built Environment Genomes #microBEnet #Sloan

Just a quick post here.  We are continuing working on our Undergraduate Research projects in the “microbiology of the built environment” in my lab as part of our microBEnet project.  For more on the project we did last year on genome sequencing see this web site:Undergraduate Research: Built Environment Genomes | microBEnet: The microbiology of the Built Environment network.

And here is a video with some details on the project:

Also check out our new undergraduate project on sampling microbes in aquariums.