Notes from Searching for Life meeting Dec 2015 #NewLife15

I helped organize this meeting that happened Dec 16-17 in Pacifica, CA. It was mainly organized by people from DOE-JGI and Global Viral. Officially titled “Exploring Diversity of Life.”

#UCDavis Ecology & Evolution Seminar 1/24: Dawn Sumner #Awesome

Forwarding this:

Dear Colleagues,

The Ecology and Evolution Seminar speaker this week will be our own Dawn Sumner from Geology. Her talk on Thursday January 24th is entitled

The Modern Ecology of Ice-Covered Lakes in Antarctica: A Journey Back to Precambrian Time

and takes place at 4:10pm in 1003 Giedt Hall.

Dawn is one of the principle scientists on Curiosity, NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory. You can read about this work on her blog at

which links to some marvelous footage/photos of their Mars explorations.

Dawn has done also extensive work on the (nearly) other-wordly ecology of microbial communities in Antarctic lakes to "develop a predictive understanding of how microbial communities produce complex microbialite morphologies." You can find out more about this at

and her Antarctic blog

#UCDavis Prof. Dawn Sumner video interview on being involved in Mars Curiosity Rover landing

I am getting really excited about the upcoming Curiosity landing on Mars. So cool that Dawn Sumner – Geology Prof. from UC Davis is going to be involved …

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