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The White Men’s Microbiome Congress #YAMMM #Manel #Boycott

So I got this email this morning inviting me to attend a conference: the Second Annual Human Microbiome Congress in San Diego. (also called the North American Microbiome Congress). And it struck me that all the featured speakers were men.  Great. … Continue reading

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No thanks Precision Medicine #PMWC2017 – I don’t want to go to your $&*@(#@( #manel #yammm #biased meeting

Today I got this email, ostensibly from Keith Yamamoto, who I have interacted with a bit over the years, including in the writing of the NAS “New Biology” report. So I decided to check out the meeting site.  Precision Medicine … Continue reading

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Congratulations SynbioBeta #SBBSF16 – you are having a #YAMMMy #manel

Well this is disappointing. Someone sent me an announcement for SynBioBeta SF 2016 – SynBioBeta possibly thinking I would go to it.  Since it was local I decided to check it out.  And, well, the 1st thing I did was to look … Continue reading

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If you want to go to a #manel or a #YAMMM check out Cold Spring Harbor Asia meetings – where men get to speak about stuff

I just got an email about this meeting: CSH Asia 2016 Conference on Microbial Communities in the Environment: Emerging Technologies and New Frontiers: So the first thing I did was to look at the gender ratio of speakers. I dug into … Continue reading

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3/9 at #UCDavis: Workshop: Authorship and the Promises of Digital Dissemination

AUTHORSHIP AND THE PROMISES OF DIGITAL DISSEMINATION Wednesday, March 9, 4:00- 5:45 pm UC Davis School of Law, King Hall, Rm 2100A A cross-disciplinary panel discussion on authorship in the digital age, with a focus on the specific goals and needs … Continue reading

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Notes from Searching for Life meeting Dec 2015 #NewLife15

I helped organize this meeting that happened Dec 16-17 in Pacifica, CA. It was mainly organized by people from DOE-JGI and Global Viral. Officially titled “Exploring Diversity of Life.” //storify.com/phylogenomics/new-life-meeting/embed?template=slideshow//storify.com/phylogenomics/new-life-meeting.js?template=slideshow[View the story “New Life meeting Dec 16-17 2015” on Storify] … Continue reading

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Yet another mostly male meeting (YAMMM) from Cold Spring Harbor

I guess this would go down in “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up” or something like that. A few weeks ago, I posted an anonymous guest post about the lack of female speakers at the Programming for Biology workshop at Cold … Continue reading

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Kudos to California Academy of Sciences for Responding (Well) to Gender Bias Issue at Meeting They Are Hosting

Just a quick post of a Storify relating to a meeting at the Calacademy: //storify.com/phylogenomics/california-academy-of-sciences-responds-well-to-ge/embed?border=false//storify.com/phylogenomics/california-academy-of-sciences-responds-well-to-ge.js?border=false[View the story “California Academy of Sciences responds (well) to gender bias of meeting they are hosting” on Storify] ——– This is from the “Tree of … Continue reading

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Guest post on Yet Another Mostly Male Meeting (YAMMM) – Programming for Biology

I have posted on Twitter and other places saying that I would be willing to share here anonymous postings about meetings with skewed gender ratios.  I generally am not overly fond on anonymity on the web but realize it has … Continue reading

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Calling attention to meetings with skewed speaker gender ratios, even when it hurts, part 2

A few weeks ago I gave a talk at the Future of Genomic Medicine 2015 (aka #FOGM15) meeting.  The talk seemed to go over well.  I talked right after Martin Blaser in a session on “The Microbiome”.  I posted my slides … Continue reading

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