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Haloferax volcanii, model archaea, and me

When I was a graduate student I was looking around for an extremophile – especially an evolutionarily novel one.  And I settled on this species Haloferax volcanii – a model halophilic archaeon largely because Ford Doolittle and colleagues had started … Continue reading

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Story behind the paper: Bonnie Baxter on "A tale of salt and gender" #STEMWomen #Halophiles

After posting A tale of salt and gender: participation of women in halophile research I sent the post to Bonnie Baxter, one of the authors of the article I discussed and I asked if she would be interested in writing a guest … Continue reading

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A tale of salt and gender: participation of women in halophile research

Interesting paper on women in science of direct relevance to my work: Frontiers | Salty sisters: The women of halophiles | Extreme Microbiology.  I have been working on halophilic archaea for many years (since introduced to them in graduate school) and … Continue reading

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Story behind the paper guest post by Corey Nislow (w/ Metka Lenassi) on "Genomics w/o Borders"

Below is another in the “Story behind the paper” series of guest posts here.  This one is from Corey Nislow w/ Metka Lenassi.  If anyone else has published an open access paper on anything relating to this blog and would … Continue reading

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Halophiles 2013 Conference

Forwarding this: Dear colleague, You are cordially invited to participate and submit an abstract to the 10th international congress on halophilic microorganisms – Halophiles 2013, which will be held on the campus of the University of Connecticut, Storrs from June … Continue reading

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Halophiles 2013 Conference June 23-27 U Conn.

Just got this from Thane Papke It is my pleasure to invite everyone to the tri-annual Halophiles conference on microorganisms. This year’s event will take place from June 23-27th on the Storrs Campus of the University of Connecticut. The conference … Continue reading

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PLoS One Beta is released – a new way to publish and discuss scientific papers

Well just got an email from Chris Surridge of PLoS One saying their Beta Site is open to the public. I am excited by this new journal and system and plan to submit many of our papers there. People should … Continue reading

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