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Everything (or, at least a lot) about Microbiology at UC Davis

So – getting lots of calls and emails and having local meetings with people interested in microbiology at UC Davis.  Rather than continuing to answer each person separately I am just going to put everything together on this page. Departments … Continue reading

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Bad microbiology reporting of the month award: C-Net on IBM "Sequencing the City" meeting

Well, I am still really annoyed by this unbearable article on C-Net yesterday: IBM sees big opportunity in sequencing microbes by Daniel Terdiman.  The article is about this “Sequencing the City” meeting organized by IBM that was on Tuesday and Wednesday.  I … Continue reading

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A special special issue of RNA Biology – dedicated to Carl Woese and Open Access too

A must read for, well, everyone out there: RNA Biology: Table of Contents for a special issue dedicated to / about Carl Woese.  The issue includes an amazing collection of papers: A special issue in memoriam of Carl Woese Renée Schroeder Page … Continue reading

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mBio – home of some really cool, #openaccess microbiology papers

Am really enjoying the suite of papers coming out in mBio – the Open Access PLOSOne like journal from the American Society for Microbiology.  Here are some examples of recent papers that caught my eye: Biogeochemical Forces Shape the Composition … Continue reading

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Metadata to collect while collecting plant associated microbial samples in the field

Another question for Twitter with some answers by Storify. Not I am putting in below the fold here so that the Storify emded only launches for those who want it to …//storify.com/phylogenomics/metadata-to-collect-while-collecting-plant-associa.js[View the story “Metadata to collect while collecting plant … Continue reading

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Correcting for rRNA copy # in qPCR experiments

Asked this question on Twitter and thought I would share answers here via Storify.  I am putting it below the fold to allow people to avoid the Storify embed if they want to.//storify.com/phylogenomics/correcting-for-rrna-copy-in-qpcr-data.js[View the story “Correcting for rRNA copy # … Continue reading

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IBM will save the planet with this magical hydrogel – NOT

Well, press releases can drive me crazy.  And this one is one of the worst I have seen in a while: IBM News room – 2013-01-24 IBM and The Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology Develop New Antimicrobial Hydrogel to Fight Superbugs … Continue reading

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RIP Carl Woese: Collecting posts / notes / other information about my main science hero here

My tribute to Carl Woese 12/30/12 Sadly, Carl Woese has passed away.  I am collecting some links and posts about him here in his memory.  He was without a doubt the person who most influenced my career as a scientist. … Continue reading

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The evil germy pacifier story is getting out of hand – w/ Dr. Glass misleading the charge

From Wikipedia Oh for crying out loud.  This is getting out of control.  Two weeks ago I wrote about an over the top story in US News and World Report about pacifiers and microbes: The Tree of Life: Germophobia 101: there … Continue reading

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Can food safety be fun? Not sure, but this video is OK. #microbes

Continuing with my running theme of microbe-related music videos here is another one. It has good and bad parts. But then again, don’t we all … ——– This is from the “Tree of Life Blog” of Jonathan Eisen, an evolutionary … Continue reading

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